Rectocele Repair

Having a rectocele can cause insecurities leading to a lower quality of life. We understand this. We know that you want your body to function like it always has and we want you to move and act with confidence. At the offices of Dr. Padron and Dr. Alvarez our doctors offer many forms of treatment such as No-Mesh Pelvic Prolapse surgery, native tissue repairs, daVinci Robotic prolapse surgery, and even vaginal synthetic augmentations in the case of distinct situations. The most important thing to remember when seeking treatment, is that you do what is best for you, at your age, and for your lifestyle. Remember, this is about you, so seek out many opinions and feel confident in your decision.

Let me tell you about the procedures:

  • No-Mesh Pelvic Prolapse Surgery
  • Native Tissue Repairs
  • daVinci Robotic Prolapse Surgery
  • Vaginal Synthetic Augmentations