Vaginal Mesh Complications

When dealing with any health complication, it’s always critical to look to expert physicians
in the field to help guide you to the best solution, especially when the complication involves something as serious as the usage of vaginal mesh. Recently, there has been a focus on the complex complications that have been associated with vaginal mesh surgeries, including a dropped bladder or a dropped rectum. Some patients have discovered that the surgical mesh used to repair their POP began to break down, or erode, causing the patient to begin experiencing pain and other side effects, including pain after intercourse, bleeding, infections, and/or urinary problems, leading to questions such as, “What can I do now?”

The doctors at the office Dr. Alvarez and Dr. Padron understand the disappointment and discomfort that the use of surgical, vaginal mesh used to repair POPs can cause for women when it erodes. We know that their can be complications using mesh and that the many women affected by them. Our doctors can fix the complications of the use of surgical mesh and give patients back their lives once and for all.

How did I get complications from using Vaginal Mesh?

When you see a doctor for a sensitive, surgical issue, how do you want to feel? Safe, comfortable, and in good hands are some words and phrases that most likely come to your mind immediately when considering this question. Be assured, here at the office of Dr. Alvarez and Dr. Padron, our surgeons are highly knowledgeable and experienced in treating complications from vaginal mesh surgeries.

Surgical mesh, otherwise known as polypropylene mesh (PPM) has been used for decades in the abdomen. However, using it in vaginal surgeries is a highly complicated procedure. Vaginal surgeries are “blind” surgeries, in that the surgeon cannot see every part of the organ. Instead, they normally operate through a small incision in the vagina and must use touch to create a 3D picture in their minds of the organ and thereby begin to operate. Surgeons who perform vaginal surgeries must be highly skilled and knowledgable.

Some of the complications from using vaginal mesh are:

  • Contraction of the surgical mesh around the vagina, which pulls on nerves, causing pelvic pain and pain during intercourse.
  • Inflammation: As vaginal mesh is a foreign body, it is known to cause inflammation that can continue for years. This inflammation can lead to loss of stretch of the vaginal muscles, scarring, and deformity.

What is the treatment for Vaginal Mesh complications?

Dr. Alvarez and Dr. Padron understand what you’ve been through up to this point. The initial pain, diagnosis, and search for a solution, the solution and then the fallout, the realization that you are in pain again and searching once again for a solution that really works. You want a surgeon you can trust, really trust. Someone highly educated, continually trained in the most modern and effective procedures, and most of all, cares about your well-being, not a dollar sign.

We are here to provide you with the utmost respect and care and when you come to our office for your appointment, we will discuss all of your questions and concerns and provide you with safe and effective treatment options. We encourage you to get a second opinion from another highly skilled and knowledgeable doctor trained in this field of medicine and we encourage you to become knowledgeable yourself: search the FDA’s website, learn about what options you have as a patient of a failed vaginal surgical mesh procedure, and study what you need to know to move forward with the next steps of your treatment.

At the office of Dr. Alvarez and Dr. Padron, we have several treatments for vaginal mesh extrusion, such as Trans-vaginal Mesh Excision and Robotic Mesh Excision.

We treat your pain. Our treatment of Mesh-Related Pelvic Pain includes, physical therapy, Trans-vaginal Mesh Release, and Robotic Mesh Release.

We treat infections. Our treatment of Mesh Infections includes Surgical Excision of Infected Mesh.