Tibial Nerve Stimulation

Are you experiencing symptoms of an overactive bladder (also known as urgency incontinence) such as the sudden urge to urinate, which often arises without warning and can even occur when the bladder is not full. You may even feel that sometimes the urge to urinate is so strong and comes with such little warning, that it doesn’t allow enough time to get to the nearest bathroom. If you are experiencing overactive bladder but are seeking a non-surgical treatment, look no further. Here at the offices of Dr. Alvarez and Dr. Padron, we offer you Tibial Nerve Stimulation treatment.

Tell me more about the procedure

Tibial Nerve Stimulation a low risk treatment option that involves a series of 12 weekly, 30 minutes sessions of electrical stimulation to the nerves that control bladder function. After the sessions are completed, your doctor will assess you to see if you need additional treatment. In rare cases, additional sessions maybe required.

This procedure sends electrical stimulation to the tibial nerve, through a slim needle placed at the ankle, where the tibial nerve is located. This electrical stimulation is then relayed to the sacral nerves, which are responsible for proper bladder and pelvic floor function. Through this procedure, proper bladder function can be regained and you can leave our office worry and stress free without having had a surgery.